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Big ideas often lead to big fat nothing...

Most of us dream of being rich. Of having power. Of removing stress and worry through financial freedom and independence. Of being able to influence others to do for us what we want.

Dreaming of being rich is for most part of the condition that makes us human. If you want to make it big, its almost certainly something you're going to need. The fact you are reading this could mean you're just inquisitive, but it probably means you share the desire. Read on to find out what the other factors are. To dream of success is necessary, but you need all the factors. One is more important than the rest, and its not dreaming.

The saddest of us are the those who just dream of winning the lottery. In the UK, your chances of winning the lottery jackpot are one in 14,000,000 for each ticket you buy. So forget luck coming your way and go out and make your own.

In fact, the want to succeed, to have lots of money, greed, is left over from our animal roots. In animals, the greed is to have as much food as possible, to have the best sexual partners, and to have the largest / best territory). These traits remain in modern man, though not all of them in everybody (some of us don't feel the need to continually eat too much). But our intelligence and increased sophistication has added the desire for personal wealth. This seems like a natural extension, something we can have that animals can't. They'd probably want it as well if they could understand it.

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So why do a few make it, when most of us don't?

It's the combination of factors. You need to dream about how you want to find your fortune.

You need to learn. From knowledge comes ideas. You can get that knowledge by reading books and sites like this one. Ideas you read about probably won't make you rich. They may make the author rich. Probably not you, though they may make you richer. But reading and learning will lead to you having your own ideas, or being able to improve what you read about. Lucky people are born with a natural ability to learn, and natural intelligence to put different ideas together to create something new. But by reading and learning, and hard work, we can all develop this.

You need to be confident and know how to impress people. Again, the lucky ones seem to be born with it. But this also is something we can learn through reading.

Confidence is just like all the other factors. If you weren't lucky enough to be have been born with it, don't give up hope. This one can also be acquired in the same way as the others, by reading the right sort of books. A good place to start is to find books about NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

You have to apply what you learn in those books and sites. This doesn't mean you should rush out, mortgage your house and put all your money straight into the first business idea you find or think of. But the time will come (after all your hard work), when you have to get on and do something. If you feel you can't afford to loose money, don't forget there are businesses that require minimal set up cost, and there's many more such opportunities now with the Internet. However, when you dream up the one to make you rich, you have to get on and go for it even if its one that needs investment. And the big drawback of the zero investment ideas is that they're the ones everyone else is doing.

The most important factor is to be willing to work hard, to actually get off your ass (arse) and do something to get there. If you keep dreaming about your lottery winnings and how you'll spend them, you'll only succeed if your that one in fourteen million. 13,999,999 of you will die poor and possibly unhappy. If you learn and study, and more commonly buy all the business schemes out there, you won't make it without being determined to act on them and work till you find success. You'll become an expert, possibly better off, but never actually make it rich.

Think of it this way. Rely on the lottery, and your chance is one in fourteen million. Relying on buying a scheme to make you rich is probably not much better (some can make good money on the way, but be skeptical of the ones that promise riches for working one hour a day). But do all of these things, most essentially getting off your ass, and you'll keep on until you do succeed. Unless you leave it too late in life, or you get run over by a bus, your chances become one in one. If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again.

Lets get rich, rich, rich together!

The above is offered as advise. Risk often leads to failure. Most millionaires have been bankrupt several times before they make it. But they keep coming back. It is for this reason that the author does not accept responsibility for loses made by anyone who has read this page or any part of this site.

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